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The misdiagnosis of MS is fairly common

When we have medical concerns, we tend to turn to medical professionals to guide us and help us. Ideally, patients in Louisiana and other states seek out medical help so they can be properly diagnosed and treated. While this is likely to occur in common and less complex medical situations, there are often challenges that could prevent medical professionals from properly diagnosing more serious medical conditions.

Neurological disorders and diseases are often very serious and life threatening; however, there are a multitude of challenges present when doctors attempt to accurately diagnose these illnesses. According to the Mayo Clinic, neurologists have misdiagnosed common conditions such as migraines or fibromyalgia as multiple sclerosis or MS. In fact, the misdiagnosis of MS is considered to be fairly common.

What issues should you consider when moving into a nursing home?

With the advancements in medicine, people are living longer. While this is great for those living in Louisiana and elsewhere, it also causes individuals and families to make additional considerations -- one of those being to move into a nursing home. Although these facilities can have all the needs and requirements for their tenants, there are some instances of nursing negligence. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your nursing home rights.

What issues should you consider when moving into a nursing home? There is more to consider than just the costs and quality of care when deciding to reside at a nursing home. That is, what recourse is available to tenants if something goes wrong?

Doctors vs. online symptom checks when making misdiagnoses

When individuals in Baton Rouge and elsewhere are ill, if over-the-counter remedies are not helpful, he or she will take additional steps to determine what is wrong and how to best treat it. This might mean asking a loved one, looking up information on-line or seeing a medical professional. And because most people rely on the assistance of multiple sources, this in turn could result in delayed or erroneous diagnoses.

The Internet is full of information and easy to access, which is why millions of people rely on it to provide immediate responses to their inquires. However, when the question is what is my illness, the answers on-line are likely to be abundant and incorrect. As a result, while diagnostic errors could occur when an ill patient sees a medical professional, a recent study discovered that popular online symptom checkers are more likely to be erroneous than seeing a real doctor.

ID errors leading to preventable nursing errors

Whenever patients in Louisiana enter a clinic, hospital or any other medical facility, he or she is identified by a patient I.D. number. This number is on any document placed within the patient's medical records and is placed on any medical I.D. bracelet worn during a hospital stay. This number helps keep track of medical documents, information and the physical patient. While this system seems relatively simple and easy to follow, the daily routines of medical professionals can become chaotic rather quickly. This can unfortunately cause a mix-up of information, resulting in harmful and preventable nursing errors.

Although patient identification errors are highly preventable due to common sense and cutting-edge technology, recent statistic suggest that these are fairly common occurrences that cause patients real harm. According to Patient Safety Organization, wrong patient error could occur at multiple points during a patient's visit to a healthcare facility and could involve nearly anyone on the patient's healthcare team.

What are the causes and concerns with umbilical cord compression?

As a mother-to-be in Louisiana and elsewhere nears the end of her pregnancy, she might have certain concerns regarding the health of her baby and the overall progress of her pregnancy. While parents could have an endless list of possible concerns and problems that they could encounter as they prepare for a new baby, there are some more probable and pressing issues that pregnant mothers should be aware of. One of those is the health and status of the umbilical cord because it could become compressed and cause possible birth injuries to a newborn.

What are the causes and concerns with umbilical cord compression? Cord compression occurs when there is pressure put on the umbilical cord, which could occur during pregnancy or labor. Umbilical cord compression occurs in roughly 1 in every 10 deliveries, and the majority of compressions occur during labor.

Helping you understand the cause of a surgical error

Whether it's for a minor or a major issue, hearing that you or a loved one requires surgery is never easy to digest. Although patients in Louisiana and elsewhere will take the time to become fully informed about the procedure and the possible risks associated with the surgery, this never prepares an individual or his or her family for a possible surgical mistake. If a step is missed, lab reports are misread or a surgical staff member is negligent, this could result in even the most simple and routine surgery to cause a patient to suffer much harm.

A patient suffering from a negligent surgeon is often enduring much pain while also facing a very complex situation. He or she may not fully understand what went wrong and the medical professionals may not have fully explained what happened during the surgical procedure. Nonetheless, there are steps injured patients can take to uncover the truths behind instances of medical malpractice occurring during surgeries.

The standard of care required by medical professionals

Whether ill, injured or require a routine or emergency surgery, patients in Baton Rouge and elsewhere across the nation rely on medical professionals to provide them the care and treatment they require. Unfortunately, some medical professionals fail to continually provide a certain level of care, thus, resulting in serious and fatal medical errors.

The standard of care is the term used to describe the level of care that is owed to a patient. This standard is based on the skills, expertise and the needs of the patient. The purpose of the standard of care is to determine whether or not a medical professional acted in a manner that is consistent with the expectations of the medical community.

Are there risks for surgical errors with eye surgery?

When patients in Louisiana and elsewhere prepare to undergo surgery, they will familiarize themselves with the risks associated with the procedure. While surgeons will prepare patients for the worst, this does not always mean a patient is prepared for surgical mistakes or a negligent surgeon operating on them. Even when a procedure is considered eminently safe, when a medical professional fails to provide a certain standard of care, a patient could suffer serious harms.

Are there risks for surgical errors with eye surgery? Although cataract surgery is considered a relatively safe surgery, current statistics suggest that there has been an uptick in avoidable adverse events associated with this eye surgery.

Holding negligent nurses accountable for harm caused to patients

When residents in Baton Rouge are ill or injured, medical facilities such as hospitals are heavily relied on to diagnose and treat patients. While doctors, specialists and surgeons are medical professionals that provide a vast amount of patient care, much of the care and well being of patients is in the hands of other hospital staff members. In fact, most patients are first seen by nurses and are continually seen by nurses throughout their stay in the hospital. And while nurses are vital to the care of patients, a negligent nurse could greatly harm the overall care and event he treatment plan of a patient.

Hospitals are busy places, and it is not uncommon for nurses to work long hours. In some cases, hospitals are understaffed, forcing some nurses to work extra shifts. Overworked nurses often means nursing negligence, which in turn means serious errors that could greatly harm patients.

The harms of being misdiagnosed

Whether it is something minor or serious, patients in Louisiana and elsewhere cannot sure what their ailment is until a medical professional diagnoses them. A proper diagnoses leads to the correct treatment plan and the road to recovery. However, if a wrong turn is made, a patient cannot make it down the path of recovery. A diagnostic error doesn't just mean that the patient was misdiagnosed but it often means that they were treated for the wrong illness. This wrong treatment plan could cause new harms, and at the same time, the patient could suffer worsened conditions because they have not been treated for the original ailment.

Back in 1999, the Institute of Medicine reported that roughly 98,000 Americans died each year due to hospital mistakes. And one of those concerning mistakes that still occur today is misdiagnosis or the failure to diagnose. According to recent statistics, most Americans will suffer from at least one wrong or delayed diagnosis in his or her lifetime. As a whole, Americans experience 12 million diagnostic errors every year.

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